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The Phantom Lands

"The Phantom Lands by Demon Sloth Games is an open-world magic immersive sim survival game. Fight mutated creatures for food whilst developing your base to upgrade the spells you learn on your adventure. Explore the secrets of an ancient floating island in the sky corrupted by evil magic. 

You have been selected to collect the lost spells and work to rid the world of this disease. You must decide what path you take, whether it be destroy all the creatures and evil, or revel in a beautiful world. "

My Work

UI Artist

I was brought onto the Demon Sloth Games team very late in development because they where in need of a 2D artist who was capable of producing the work they needed in a short time frame. During my time with the team I produced the parallax main menu for the game, this art then later got reused in promotional material and on the website. The creature sketches seen in this work however, are reused concept art made by artist Tabbie Lawson.

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