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Game Projects

Join teenager Reenie and their spirit companion Oose as you start your (soon to be) successful spiritsweeping business. Explore houses, clear away spirit mess and deck out your treehouse!

Beta Demo out now!


The Phantom Lands is an open-world magic immersive sim survival experience. Fight mutated creatures for food whilst developing your base to upgrade the spells you learn on your adventure.


Ant Game: Title Pending, is a cute, simplistic game where you have been separated from your colony and must go on an adventure to find your way home. Chat to quirky garden folk and be the little hero you were meant to be.

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Elysium is a fast-paced first-person shooter with a unique art style, the player is dropped straight into the action, wielding three unique guns you must navigate the USF Elysium, a colony ship inhabited by hostile robots.


Weed Out The Weak (Global Game Jam 2023)

Weed out the weak is a 2 player local multiplayer fighting game. You can either play as Daisy or Bud and must fight the other player best out of 3 rounds. We incorporated the theme of the game jam "roots" through our use of plant roots to attack and move.


A Walk Home was created for the Global Game Jam 2022 (theme: duality), it intends to portray what it is like to walk home alone while being subjected to street harassment, with the aim to raise awareness and educate those who may not have experienced this.


Another Day is a narrative driven game that shows the daily struggle experienced by those living in isolation during lockdown while suffering from mental illness. Do your best to stay on top of your list of daily tasks as you battle your internal conflicts.  


Mudlark is a 2D post-apocalyptic platformer where the protagonist must go through the level collecting uranium. 

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