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Development Log 05/02/2023

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Hello there, I apologize for not posting a blog post this Saturday! I was very busy this week and didn't get the chance to write an update until now. Welcome back to my weekly update log of the work I do as a game development student striving to one day do art in the games industry.

As I mentioned this week has been very busy, mostly due to taking part in the Global Game Jam, which is a yearly event where you have to try and make a game in 48 hours to fit a specific word or theme. I took part in the event at the Falmouth University jam site and this year's theme was "Roots". Unlike other years I had taken part I didn't have a pre-formed team to take part in the Game Jam together, instead, I looked for a team on the first day of the event. There ended up being for of us grouping up to form a team which was made up of 3 programmers and myself as an artist, we did look for another artist to join the team. However, we didn't end up finding someone and I was left to do the art assets for the game on my own. Honestly, I was a little worried about how much I could get done in the time restrictions but we made sure to scope the project and stay in the mindset that we just have to try our best and have fun! In the end, we successfully made a working game that I'm honestly super proud of us for making in a small team within the 48-hour limit. For the theme "Roots" we decided to make a basic local multiplayer fighting game where you play as plants. You have access to basic movement, jump, dash, block, heavy and light attack inputs and I personally believe is made quite fun by its visual feedback and VFX such as the screen shake. If you're interested in seeing the project for yourself check it out at or on the official Game Jam site! Here are a few screenshots of the game as well as the sprite sheets for the character animations:

This week I have also been working on SpiritSweeper with Strange Folk Studios! It was mainly meetings this week discussing the game and other university work instead of practical

work on the game. However, I did get a chance to finish this updated piece of Reenie for the text boxes in the game. It's the start of a series of similar images of different emotions to display in a more accessible way how each character is saying things when playing through the game.

As for personal work, I've not had much time to work on it as I would have liked. Despite this, I did manage to fit in doing a little more on the same piece I was working on last week. I'm still working on the base sketch but it's starting to take shape now and I like how dynamic it is!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this week's update log! I'll get back on schedule next Saturday to post another update on my work as a game dev.

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