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Development Log 24/03/2024

Hello there! Welcome back to my blog where I talk about my experience as a game developer and what I get up to.

I've been away for a little while due to deadlines for my Master's studies as well as preparing for the future. However, I've got a lot of artwork to share and talk about so lets get into it!

Firstly I completed my environment and lighting module, overall I feel positive about it but there are definitely areas I want to improve on in the future. I learned a lot throughout the process and it was very experimental. Here is the final product below:

Image 1: Daytime variation of the environment. The light is shining through the window, hitting the bed/chair/floor.

Video 1: Video from "Mental Canvas" a drawing/art application I recommend checking out! I used it to split up my layers of the daytime scene and project them into a 3D space to create this effect.

Image 2: Night time variation of the environment, it shows each lamp in the foreground and background turned on with minimal light coming from the window.

Video 2: Another clip from Mental Canvas showing the night time scene's layers split up in a 3D space.

The whole process took a lot of iterations but it was interesting to understand the perspective and lighting values. Here is a speed-paint of the final pieces as well as some of the WIPs.


Full Clip Studio Paint recording of my work on the final two lighting variations, the flickering from my constant viewing of layers is a little fast (sorry).

Image 3: Original sketch of the environment referenced from the value studies I posted in my last blog post.

Image 4: This was a screenshot from my original line art that I received feedback on and then tried to understand the perspective with rough reference lines.

Image 5: Sketch with block colours that I referenced the finals from, this is after I tried to fix the perspective. It looks better however, I still think there are issues I'd address if I had more time on the project.

That just about wraps up my work for that module. In the future I want to look more into perspective and environment concepting to continue challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone. Next up in my course is our team game project! It very recently started and I'm enjoying getting back into practical dev work again. There isn't much to share as of right now but I did start working on a character concept!

Image 6: Rough sketch of a hunched over scientist looking character. Before I created this sketch I roughly blocked out a silhouette to help me visualize proportions.

Other than working on my masters projects, I have also been busy applying for jobs in the games industry! It feels like a rather daunting time in my life with a lot of uncertainty so I'm currently working on polishing my portfolio and applying wherever I can. I'm open for work and am happy to do freelance projects/ commission work if anyone is interested. :)

To close off this post I'd like to share some little sketches I've done in my personal time.

Image 7: Image was part of a social media post, Shows a character reaching up, in a downward perspective.

Image 8: Tired clown I drew and became very fond of! I love the way he turned out and playing around with texture was really enjoyable.

Image 9: Line-art for an upcoming social media post I'm working on. It is a drawing of myself in rollerblades, with the perspective highlighting the boots.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read through this post. I hope the coming week goes well for you! :)

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