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Development Log 11/02/2024

Hello there! Welcome back to my game development blog where I talk about my experiences as a game developer and student.

Apologies for the missed posts the past few weeks, I have been dealing with deadlines for my assignments and have overall been focusing on my studies as a priority. It's been a busy few weeks but that means I have plenty of work to share!

Global Game Jam

On the 26th-28th of January, I had the pleasure of taking part in the GGJ for the fifth year in a row! The GGJ is a worldwide event for game developers where you are challenged to create a game in 48 hours based on a theme revealed before the jam starts. This year's theme was "Make me laugh" which was a difficult but very open-ended phrase. I did not have a team before starting the jam so I reached out to others taking part in person at my jam site and met them about an hour before the event started. I wanted to challenge myself to work with new people this year as in the past I had stayed more in my comfort zone and worked with people I already knew. Overall it was a lot of fun and we managed to produce a game that works! Our game revolves around a clown who's late for work and must collect his belongings before the time limit ends or he will get fired from his job. If anyone is interested in checking out our little clown game it is available over at:

As the only artist on the team, we were forced to keep things simple as to scope within the 48-hour time limit. Here is a closer look at some of the spites I completed for No Time To Clown!

  • Image 1: This is a selection of character sprites made for the Global Game Jam 2024. These sprites include a walk cycle, idol animation, and a "slap" animation. The game Pizza Tower had a large influence on the art style.

Masters Studies

Over the last few weeks I have been working on the Guilty Gear character concept art I showed in my last post. It has come a long way since and I'm pretty happy with how it all came together. Below is the final 4-page submission I had to present.

  • Image 2: Front, side, and back views of the character. The side view was left unshaded to show the base flat colours. Below this shows the character's weapon and a companion that sits on top of the brush. The text on the page notes down specific abilities I wanted the character to have: Moving through paint, attaching with an oversized brush, and a throwable bomb companion.

  • Image 3: This image shows a posed version of the character from 2 different angles, one is shaded and the other is left as flat colours to help a 3D artist if they were to create a model of the character from my original concept work.

  • Image 4: Here are some detailed sketches of different iterations of the character, these sketches were based on the silhouette concepts seen in image 5. At the bottom of the page, there are some concepts of different weapon possibilities the character could use.

  • Image 5: Six silhouette concepts of "jester" inspired clothes. I used this concept process to create easily readable characters and quickly mock up iterations of the character before I decided on a final.

Once I'd completed the jester character for my last module I quickly started work on my current assignment which revolves around environment and lighting. I wanted to get a head start on this project because I struggle with environmental art and wanted to re-learn fundamentals for practice. Environments are something I've always been more uncomfortable concepting so putting the extra time into learning the basics has been extremely helpful. On the left is a glimpse into the work I've done so far!

  • Image 6: This image shows 3 different lighting conditions in the same room. Before I began painting the scene I 3D moddled a basic room using Blender. This allowed me to get a better understanding of perspective. The top image shows light coming from the window, the middle shows light coming from a doorway and the window and the bottom shows light coming from the lamps in the room.

Once again thank you for your patience in my uploads and thank you for taking the time to read through this weeks post! I hope you enjoyed my update and I hope to see you again soon. :)

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