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Development Log 07/01/2024

Hello there, and happy new year! Welcome back to my blog, a place for me to share my honest experience as a student and game developer.

I want this blog to be a true reflection of my experiences as a game artist. The new year is a fresh slate so I'm back with an update!

So where have I been? In all honesty I've been burnt out. I stopped enjoying making art or creating games. It felt like a chore to do the thing I had once been most passionate about. I want to share this in case anyone else reads this and feels the same because it can feel isolating at times. I took a few months to revaluate things, taking the time I needed to rest and with support from my peers I got back up on my feet. I won't sit here and say everything is perfect because that would be a lie, but I do feel better. I want to create games and artwork again, so I'm back with some goals.

My goals for this year are simple:

  • Post an update to this blog each week.

  • Develop my portfolio with a wider range of skills in preparation for job searching.

This year is an important one with a lot of uncertainty, but I want to keep myself on track with these goals as I continue through my Master’s studies and start looking for industry jobs. I look forward to sharing my work as I progress!

While I've been gone there has been some news I would like to share. Recently I got interviewed by Sam from Dealing With Disorder, a site where he writes about living with Tourettes and OCD. It was an honour to talk with him and be interviewed about my own experiences with Tourettes as a game developer. If you're interested in reading more the article is available at:

I also want to share some work I've been doing over the last few months, primarily for my Master's studies:

  • Image 1: Jet Set Radio inspired artwork. Shows a character I designed myself skating through an environment on a pair of rollerblades. During the process of this piece I taught myself Blender and blocked out the environment in 3D before painting over it to create the final. I will be posting a breakdown of the entire process on my portfolio soon!

  • Image 2: Sketches of 3 jester inspired characters, created for my current project. I've been looking specifically at the Guilty Gear franchise and tried to keep within the constraints of those games.

  • Image 3: More developed artwork of the 3rd variation jester from the 2nd image. The front view is finished, the back view is a work in progress.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post after my long hiatus. I hope to see you again next week! Check in with those you care about this year, and if you are feeling like things are getting difficult, reach out. Everyone deserves to be happy, and art should be fun, not a chore. :)

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