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Development Log 11/3/2023

Hello there, welcome back to my weekly game development blog where I share my experiences as an indie game developer and show off the realistic workload I do each week!

This week we're getting back on schedule with Saturday uploads, I apologize for the sporadic posts the last few weeks, development has been busy and I struggled to keep on schedule with blog posts. I'll get straight into showing the work I've done this week as there's a lot to cover!

Firstly I'll begin with the work I've done on SpiritSweeper this week, I have been working on a range of things spanning from concept work, assets to go in the game, and promotional material. I also spent some of this week looking into what we're wanting our booth to look like at the Falmouth Games Expo 2023. I think I have some good ideas regarding wall art and promotional material and I'm excited to show you what I create in the coming weeks. But for now, here is some of the work I did this week:

- Image 1: Depicts a large spirit that is said to be responsible for turning the "Warld" in SpiritSweeper. She is reminiscent of a ferret and this artwork will be used in an encyclopedia you can find while playing the game.

- Image 2: This is a concept image that will also be used in the game's bestiary, it is a spirit found in an artist's studio that takes the form of a paint can. Its eyes peek out from under the lid of the can suggesting it is possibly using the paint can as some kind of shell.

- Image 3: This is a work-in-progress piece, it shows the "Spirit Brush" which the main character Reenie uses to catch spirits and clean up imprints. This particular asset will be used as UI/UX artwork and will act as a meter that fills up depending on how much of each area you have cleaned.

- Image 4: Reenie and Oose (sitting on their shoulder) are shown smiling next to text that reads "Strange Folk Studios Presents: SpiritSweeper". This is promotional art to be used as a Twitter banner as well as a banner on other platforms such as YouTube in the future.

As for personal work this week I haven't had the chance to do much drawing in my own time. However, I did finish a sketch of the DnD character of a new player who recently joined our group. I was inspired by their dramatic entrance into the campaign and the intricate design so much so that I drew the image below!

- Image 1: Depicts a DnD character, this character is a female Saytr who casts spells through her pipe. In the top left of the image is the reference screenshot of the character in Hero forge I worked from to create the sketch.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read through this week's update log! Hope to see you again next Saturday!

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