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Development Log 28/01/2023

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Hello there, welcome to the first post on my blog! This is the beginning of my weekly blog post about my experiences working on video games and what I worked on each week. As a developer, I've always been keen to show the true side of game dev and am passionate about being transparent in the process of creating my work. Feel free to check in every Saturday for updates!

As this is my first post I'll introduce myself a little, my name is Lucy Rodham and I've been studying games for 5 years. I'm now in my final year of studies and am currently working on an indie game called SpiritSweeper which is being developed by 10 people working under the name Strange Folk Studios. I pride myself on being a T-shaped developer. My specialism is 2D character art however I have skills in the environment, assets, and 3D modeling. Moreover, I also enjoy filling gaps whenever a team might need it such as working in the engine (most likely Unity) or even voice acting. I have set up this blog to show those who might not have a lot of knowledge about game dev that it isn't all big AAA studios or crunch culture, it's also a passion and an art form to tell brilliant stories and create a lasting impact on individuals.

This week has been busy. The second term of the university has just begun and Strange Folk has started preparing for the future. We started the week off with a meeting with our supervisor, during this meeting we went through all the feedback we had been given on a demo day the week prior. We discussed as a team what changes needed to be made and updated our Jira board with our tasks for the next sprint. Based on the feedback we were given from playtesters I began work on different expression images for our main characters to show up on the screen when each character is talking. Originally we just had a neutral face for all dialogue. We decided it would be best to have these different expressions depending on dialogue as it portrays the tone each character is speaking a lot better than without it. The images below are a selection of work I did this week for Strange Folk Studios.

- Image 1: The main characters sidekick Oose, this is a sketch of what his image will look like in the bestiary

- Image 2: One of the 7 expressions for Oose, this image shows his shocked face.

- Image 3: Photo taken from Twitter ( taken during demo day. SpiritSweeper was set up on a few PCs as well as a Steam Deck.

- Image 4: All the sketch versions of SpiritSweeper's main character Reenie.

Most of this week's work on the project has been sketching and making placeholders. This is so we can test the 2D assets functionality in the game before I create the final versions of everything. In the coming weeks, I will be working on more finalized versions of these assets. If you're interested in checking out the development process from the rest of the team check out our official dev log on! (

As for personal work, I haven't done much this week due to being busy working on SpiritSweeper. However, I did get to work on a rough sketch I've been wanting to do for a while. The image below is the sketch, I found the angle to be very interesting to work on as well as working out the perspective. As you can see it's just primarily rough shapes at the moment but once I'm happy with the block out ill go back into it adding details before I decide to finalize it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my first blog post! See you next week!

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